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Labor Day 2009

I had planned to sleep in today, but by 8 am, I couldn't get back to sleep. So I got up and tackled the laundry. I'm so thankful that I did because by the time my laundry was about finished washing and ready for drying, the laundry room was full and people were waiting for open machines.

By the time that the laundry was washed and hung up to dry, it was 11:30 am. I ordered in some pork with mixed veggies for lunch, being too tired to cook. Those two Saturday sails really wore me out! After lunch, I quickly responded to some emails and then sat down with the mandolin.

I learned how to read mandolin tablature here and then started hunting for a fun song to learn. I decided on this one: Red Haired Boy - Beginner Mandolin Lesson. It seems to be a song that many beginners start with and it's rather catchy. I referred to a couple different tabs online for the basic fingerings, but this video is slightly different. So, after pausing the video many times, I finally got the notes for this version (for Part A, at least). I wrote down the tabs for reference, but I was never very good at reading music, and so it's easier for me to simply memorize the patterns.

And just for fun, I was looking up historic newspaper articles about mandolins. I found one article about recommended musical studies for the cultured young lady. These included singing, piano, mandolin, and violin. The benefits of the study of each one is highlighted in the article and there are pictures, too.

"[The mandolin] is not an instrument for great occasions nor for great spaces, but it is perfect for small and informal affairs. There is a picturesqueness about this musical instrument which is possessed by few others...Half an hour's daily practice on the mandolin will produce remarkable changes in the awkward girl." The San Francisco call - Jan 10, 1909

I don't think those girls were playing the fun bluegrass tunes that I will be, though!

Edit (7:00 pm): I can now sort of play along with the fellow in the video when he plays the song slowly. This is fun!
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