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A few random pictures (boats, ocean critters)

I'm posting an assortment of random photos behind the cut. There are some pictures of the waterfront in there, among other things. Enjoy!

I was trying to take a photo of my sailing uniform when... Ack! A sailor's worst nightmare - a giant squid attack!
Squid wanted to come along sailing, but that simply will not do. He says hello to all you folks out there!
Then along came Lobby. Ah, my old friend from Mystic Seaport! Umm, watch the glasses, Lobby...
Eh?! Ok, fine. You win.
Inky is so much better behaved. He and I can sit all day and quietly contemplate the mysteries of the world. Here's the crew all together!
There's a view of the docks. On the upper right, you can see the tent dock, where we gathered for our classes. Just before the tent dock there are a couple Flying Scot sailboats with blue tent-shape covers over them, though I can only see one in the photo. The others may be out sailing. These blue covers protect the sails and rigging. On the other side, there is the houseboat, the schooner, and the former Presidential Yacht. The domed roof in the background on the far left is the Cantina.
Here's a view of the Spirit from the dock gate. The dock first winds past the FJ sailboats. You can see their masts in the foreground.
Coming down from the gate, we can see the FJs, the schooner, and the houseboat. Those stacked white hulls are sailboats called lasers. Now, past the FJs, we can look back at the dock entrance. These are the boats that we cleaned and the same kind that we capsized.
Now, we continue walking along the dock past the house boat and we arrive at the Spirit. To the left are the lasers, neatly stacked and stored. Just beyond us is the former Presidential Yacht. Looking up at Spirit's masts and rigging. That orange tail is called a tell-tale. We can look at these to see which direction the wind is blowing. I steer by the tell-tales when we are raising or lowering sail because we need to steer straight into the wind at these times, and the tell-tales help me to see when the wind starts to shift.

Here are some photos that someone else took during a cruise on the Spirit:
Also, here's a photo of me skippering one the Flying Scots. I had just tacked!

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