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Capsize photos

The capsize photo sequence has finally arrived! See the capsize recovery:

Hello, Washington Channel!
My intent from the start was to get on top that centerboard - but look how high up out of the water it is!

I gave my leg a good kick, walking up the hull with the other leg, and latching on. These are the weird sort of gymnastics that I used to do as a kid on the parallel bars and swing set at school. I have grown a lot bigger since then, though!

By the way, can you see the Washington Monument in the background on the far left?

Ok, now the rest of me needs to get up there...

Through a combination of pulling on the jib sheet, holding my place with the right leg, and kicking with my underwater leg, I managed to get on top. (The back of my right knee was tender for a few days after that, but I am nicely healed up now.)

Victory!! *Applause from the instructors*

Then one of them said, "Now you just have to stand up. And don't fall in or you'll have to do it all over again!" Ack!

Meanwhile, I was puffing as though I'd just ran a mile and after catching my breath I laughed and yelled to all, "Ok...just gimme a minute...Gotta...catch my breath a moment - haa..."

After sitting there a few moments, I carefully stood up and yelled over to my mate, "Ok! I'm on top. Are you ready?"

I have you now! Hahaa!
Gingery, we just lean back and let the weight of the body pull the jib sheet.

And she's back afloat with my mate inside - huzzah!
I meanwhile, am back in the Channel... :)

She swung back around nice and slow, so I just maintained my position until she was settled and then I let go of the jib sheet and swam around for the transom (the back part of the boat) where I got lifted back in by my mate. We did it!
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