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Sea Chanty Concert

I had a bunch of errands to run today. To the library to return a book, to the hairdressers for a much needed trim, to Office Depot to pick up envelopes so I can mail in my US Sailing booklet, back home to balance my checkbook (which I had fallen behind on), clean up the kitchen, etc.

On my way from the hairdressers to Office Depot, I happened to pass through Downtown Silver Spring and saw a line of tents and a couple different stages with live performers. The Indian music was especially wonderful, and I made a point to stop at the County Historical Society booth. I found out that I can tour the old railroad station that I see everyday on my way home on metro. I also stopped at the DC Folklife tent and was given a newsletter listing all sorts of local music jams. I plan to check one or two of them out!

I also hesitated as I passed a booth with various folk-style musical performances. I am not sure whether it was the guy dressed in the sailor hat or the colorful poster that held my attention. At any rate, I went up to the table and poked around. There, I saw a music book full of sea chanties. How nice! This would give me a lot of new songs to learn on the mandolin... I decided to buy a copy and the fellow who sold it to me asked, "Are you a music person?"

"No, but I'm a sailor," I replied.
"Well, if you are around at 4:30, they will be performing some of these chanties down at the stage near the fountain."
I stood gaping. "I'll be there!"

So, I hung around downtown till 4:30 and attended a sea shanty concert. Who would have thought?

I spent the evening compiling notes from my schooner sails this past summer and I called the captain to ask if I could stop by the boat sometime to check a few of my notes against the logbook. I'll be down on the water this coming Saturday for a NMHF Regatta - the Cantina Cup. I'm signed up to register race participants and assist in one of the race committee boats.

On a random note, I ordered myself a pair of binoculars for sailing and am considering buying myself a really nice coat. I hate spending a lot of money on clothes, though, and this is not inexpensive... It would look really cute with my blue flat hat, though! Well, some might not find the flat hat fashionable, but my former flat-mate knit me a sky-blue scarf that would look gorgeous against this yellow color. So, I'm considering it.
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