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CW: sans pencil es paper

Tonight after working on email for a while and watching the moon rise amidst a cloudy blue sky, I listened to some CW. Unlike most times when I practice, I sat back, crossed my arms, and tried to copy in my head without the assistance of paper and pencil. I did tolerably well, picking up words and phrases in between lapses of my concentration and short-term memory, but I was not copying steadily or comfortably without my familiar tools. I think that once I can overcome my reliance on the pencil and paper, that I will be able to copy a lot better. This is my new goal to beat before November 7th. I think I can do it if I practice a little every evening for the next month.

In other radio news, plans are in the works for the fall contesting season. The first contest is CQWW SSB and I've been invited to operate at a local QTH. I think I may give it a go. There will be two other hams there, and I had a nice time operating with them in WPX (CW) earlier this year. If I remember correctly, they are both primarily CW OPs, so it would be rather fun to join them for a SSB contest!
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