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This week has gone all right, but it sure has been strange.

I was dragging on Monday, still feeling the effects of the sickness that I had fought over the weekend. Tuesday night, I could have gone to a local sea chanty sing, but I was exhausted and went to bed around 9 pm. I had to get up earlier than usual the following morning in order to leave work at 4 pm for a final sail on the Spirit. About an hour before leaving work, I happened to check the weather. 72 degrees, partly cloudy, winds around 20 mph with gusts up to 40 mph?! The wind was supposed to grow calm by 6 pm.

I left for the sail at 4 pm, but I seriously expected it to be canceled due to high winds. The winds were now supposed to calm down by 8 pm. I arrived early and found all the scrubbing and other prep work completed. The captain rested a while and I sat back against the foremast to rest a while myself. We had one new crew aboard, so I had a fun time explaining our work and pointing out the different parts of the vessel. The other crew happened to bring along a lot of experienced friends, so we had quite a lot of sailors aboard.

We raised the foresail and got a bit past the airport before sunset, when it started to grow very cold. The sky was surely beautiful, though. It was much like the evening shown in the icon (Sept 13), except the dome of the sky was more of a neon purple color rather than indigo.

On the way back, I stood a lookout on the aft bench with my new binoculars, watching for the unlit buoys in the dark water of the Anacostia River. Sequoia, Spirit of Mt Vernon, and Nina's Dandy were out on the water, too. The captain was not sure how we'd manage to dock in the wind, but he did wonderfully - it was one of the smoothest landings I ever saw! After the passengers left, the crew stood about listening to the Irish Rovers and munching on food. I won't see them again until next season.

I had another early morning today since I attended (on short notice) a conference from 8:30 am to noon. From there, I caught the orange line back to the office and spent the afternoon at the Library working on long reports and huge spreadsheets. Tomorrow I have another day of quarterly reports and spreadsheets. I have a couple deadlines to meet and a lot of data to process. Then tomorrow evening I am going home! Huzzah!

The weekend plan is:

Saturday: travel to Rochester, NY, to visit my brother. This weekend is Brick City and we are going to attend a talk given by the founder of Wikipedia.
Sunday: go to church to see all my friends at New Hope. Then, visit my grandparents in Newky.
Monday: visit my grandmother in Gettysburg on our way back to DC.
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