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Columbus Day journey

The simple life is the life for me
-Ricky Skaggs

Photos from my weekend journey home
The clouds rolled over the Williamsport mountains north of home on Saturday morning. We began to wonder if leaving the umbrellas at home was a mistake...but it soon cleared away, revealing a blue autumn sky.
The leaves in the northern PA and southern NY mountains are beginning to turn. They are gorgeous. Praise the God who created the heavens and the earth!
Our car was flying at a speedy rate, but the farms and forests passed by along the west and the east very lazily.
Mom and I both snapped photos while the tape deck played Ricky Skaggs.
On the evening drive home, we were graced with a full rich sky that lit the air behind the dark clouds.
This is my brother and me at McGregor's restaurant. We were very happily enjoying our beer and lunches. Matt missed out on those good ol' sweet potato fries. M'mm! ...Later, we felt very silly.
This is Gram, Pap, and me on Sunday morning standing next to a wooden bridge in town. I love these guys! And here's me with my parents. <3<3<3
General Longstreet! Your orders, sir?
This is the view from Longstreet's monument.
This is where the Confederate troops hit the Union line at Gettysburg on July 3rd. The place is called "The Angle." Here is a view across the field from there.
My dad was checking out some of the monuments while I visited Gen Armistead's marker and the area about the Angle.
Here is the North Carolina monument, standing where the NC men began their march across the fields toward the Union position on Cemetery Ridge. They made it this far...
The view from Seminary Ridge, running south from the seminary which my dad attended. Along the ridge, as you race down the hill, you pass markers for Pettigrew, Trimble, and Pickett's Divisions. This is the route that I used to bicycle when I lived in town. Someday, it would be lovely to live there again...
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