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Jobs, Gen. Pickett and Pettigrew reading

As with all evenings, this evening somehow dashed off in a hurry from me.

I'm probably about halfway through a job application and I started reading an interesting book online - The Heart of a Soldier, As revealed in the Intimate Letters of Genl. George E. Pickett C.S.A.. The 30-page introduction written by his wife Sally gives a really clear picture of the character of this General.

I also found some of JJ Pettigrew's letters online. Here's a sample that included some comments on a teacher of deaf students and college drinking. It's so exciting to see this archival material online with scans and a transcription! I hope they make more available in the future, since I don't think I will be getting to NC anytime soon to see the Pettigrew Family Papers for myself. My book about Gen. Pettigrew should be arriving in the mail soon, though. USPS has been having some trouble with their tracking system lately, but according to Amazon, the book was shipped last Saturday.

I did try hunting for local reenacting groups this evening, but without much success. I was curious to ask them what the hobby is like. It's one of those things that would be fun to try someday. I did bookmark one site and may contact them later. For now, though, I need to focus my attention on that job application form and I really need to get back into CW practice. I got sidetracked by my illness two weeks ago. I'm hoping that I'll fend off colds for a while, especially now that the temperatures have fallen to nearly frost overnight. I still have to cut off the fresh mint branches and hang them up to dry for winter before the plant dies... And all my things from the recent trip home are laying around where I left them after we got in Monday night. Ah, well, I suppose that's what weekends are for.
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