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In two months, Lobby, Inky, and the crew will have a new home: the District.

I'm going to be moving into a little place in DC that will be a lot closer to work. It's owned by a friend-of-a-friend who I met through my sailing activities this summer. I'm looking forward to starting fresh in a new place. I feel bad that there will be a bit of a hectic period getting things moved about, but once all is settled and the hard work done, it's going to be really nice.

I plan to take one box for each of my hobbies, possibly two or three for ham gear. The braille box will carry some slates, paper, my textbooks, and perhaps the braille writer (typewriter). The ham boxes will hold my QRP shack, manuals, log book, QSL cards, and tools. The mandolin has its own case. My Bibles and commentary reference material will get a box and my little rock collection will get a half a shoebox. Random other books will probably have their own box, too. The excess books, braille magazines, and other things will go into storage for a while for future reference. I'll weed out my stationary, clothing, shoes, and other supplies before the move.

Looking back, I've moved around a lot in the past few years...

2000-2001: Two different host families in Croatia, then home again
2002-2003: Freshman year at college, freshman dorm 3rd floor
2003-2004: Sophomore year at college, campus apartment basement floor
2004-2005: Two different host families in Japan (total of 4 different bedrooms), two different Jpn dorm rooms
2005-2006: Senior year of college, off-campus Civil War era house <3 and then an off-campus apartment in Maryland where I switched rooms the first weekend
2007: Still in the 4th floor Maryland apartment with Korean, then American roommate
2008: Home again, then moved into a bigger apartment in Maryland with a former classmate

Whew, moving is tiring. At least home hasn't moved :)
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