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Packing, day 1

Today I commenced the sorting-packing process in preparation for my upcoming move. I emptied my large bookshelf and sorted things into four piles: things to move, things to throw away, things to put in storage at home in PA, and things to deal with later (misc. notes that I've collected over the past year and a half). After that, I went through my braille box, my radio box, and my white storage tower. Somewhere in the middle of all that, I wrapped some Christmas presents and got those all stacked on the table. Now my living room is covered in stuff and I'm exhausted! Tomorrow's task: to box up the things that have been sorted and continue on to disassemble and pack things on my desk and in the closets.

While I was working about the apartment, I had the blinds open and watched the first thick snowfall of the year. The snowflakes were huge and they continued falling throughout the entire afternoon. It was beautiful to watch. For lunch, I finished the last of the Arby's sandwiches from last Sunday and for dinner I fired up the oven to cook potatoes and chicken. A tall can of green tea topped it all off.
Tags: food, housing, weather, weekend, work

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