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Packing, day 2

Today was much like yesterday: sorting, sorting, packing, sorting.
I did run across some fun things.
  • A cypher from the National Cryptologic museum
  • Japanese stationary from lemur_cat
  • Comic sketches of Field Day, antenna building, Sweepstakes, and the time that I thought I had broken my transceiver
  • Notes that I took when I chatted with my current boss for the first time
  • QSL card design drafts
  • Essays about the Structured Discovery method of Orientation and Mobility instruction
  • Wireframes for a site about the Deck Dept ABs of Titanic
  • Wireframes for a site called "Discover Morse Code"
  • Wireframes for a site about DC's waterfront history
  • The handwritten log of contacts I made at Field Day in 2008
  • AA batteries, all over the place
  • Bookmarks. I didn't think that I had any
  • Demo for Lego Indy, which wouldn't run on my old desktop :(
  • Three short poem scraps
  • The Lord's prayer in braille that I had hanging in my old cubical
  • A list of questions about the merchant marine that I never mailed
  • A chart for a potential course plan at PDRIB
  • To Do lists...many of them...and many that included my former part-time job
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