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After work today, I had to make a stop at the bookstore to pick up something. I was happy to find what I needed and then laughed out loud when I saw that they had the first Great Big Sea CD! Since it was less that $10, I had to snag it. I also had fun chatting with a very skillful salesperson who nearly sold me another CD that I had asked about. I decided that the original item plus Great Big Sea were enough for one day.

Lo and behold, I ran into the same sales fellow at the register!

"Would you like a Borders gift card?" and he went on to explain the benefits/requirements. Since I get books every now and then, I decided to go along and register.
"Ok, the Bible, and this CD..."
"Yeah, I had to get Great Big Sea. Need my Canadian Celtic music."
"Now, since you spent over [some given amount], you could get this stuffed panda for [some discounted rate]." He set the panda down beside my stack of purchased items. It was very cute, but not nearly as cool as the stuffed Humpback Whale or that I saw on Amazon a few weeks ago or the Kangaroo Rat that I just discovered by that same company. I want a plush muad'dib! :D
"Ah, I have so many of them at home in my room, so I don't think so," I said.
"Ok," he said, ringing up the total.
Handing me my bag, he thanked me and said, "Have a nice evening, Miss!"
"Thanks so much!" I said, taking the bag and starting off on my way.

It was rather fun and I was pleased that the sales fellow was so cheerful and enthusiastic - a true salesman, like my grandfather. I needed that refresher after so many days of silent commutes to and from the city. That begins to work on a person after a while.
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