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Verge of change

This coming Friday will be the last night that I spend here at my current place. Unlike other places that I've called home, I don't feel nostalgic in the face of this change. The view out the window still feels as strange and unfamiliar as it did a year and a half ago. I wonder if my new place will feel the same way? "Parting with friends is a sadness. A place is only a place." (Dune)

Today was our holiday party at work. The food was delicious - donuts, croissants, fruit mix, spinach quiche, cakes and cookies of all sorts (banana cream pie, chocolate cake, cheesecake, shoofly cake, sugar cookies, etc) in addition to juice, apple cider, soda, and all sorts of other things. I hung around talking to people a lot more than usual. In particular, a quest on the Library's Prints and Photos Online Catalog got me raving about the Deck Dept of the White Star Liners around the turn of the century. While I didn't intend to stand around and recount old tales and tidbits, I found that I couldn't stay my tongue. The histories simply leapt from me in excited declarations. Why do I get so stirred up about these things? How is it that strangers move me to such zeal? How can I harness this enthusiasm into some useful form that results in more than prototypes, outlines, and ideas?

The bags sit expectantly.
That pesky papercut from Monday has just about healed.
Cars hum by outside as they race by.
I never got around to replacing the hall lamp that blew out over the weekend.
A techno mix has me captivated and reluctant to get back to work.
Tags: food, history, housing, music

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