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Christmas break is nearly over

It's my last evening at home before my return to the city.

This past week was full of visits, tasty meals, fun conversation, nice gifts, and exciting hockey games. There was a little stress mixed in among the rest as we discussed the last of the moving plans and as my brother did some studying. (He's in the middle of a semester right now, so there's no rest for the weary.) Tomorrow after church we'll be headed back south and stopping in at Gettysburg along the way to celebrate Christmas/New Year's/my birthday with my grandparents. After I get settled into my new place and my old schedule, I'll be posting news about the week and photos. Some of the highlights were:

-The beautiful Christmas Eve service (I helped to light candles and fumbled in the middle of my passage reading)
-My brother's shock at receiving a Flyers jersey for Christmas!
-My shock at receiving a Caps sweatshirt for Christmas - yay!
-A surprise birthday celebration today (complete with ice cream and the remainder of the red velvet cake from yesterday)
-And lots of time with family :)
Tags: family, holiday, home

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