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Christmas 2009

Dad and Matt are dressed in their best for Christmas Eve Service. Dad led the service and Matt served as a communion usher, candle-lighter, and the reader of the first passage (Isaiah 9:1-7). It was a beautiful service.
Mom and I were dressed in cheerful red for the event. I also wore a hat that one of the members of the congregation had given me a year or two ago. At the service, mom sang in the choir and I read Mary's song of praise found in Luke 1:39-56.

Matt and I got our picture taken in front of the tree, too. Our poor tree was never fully decorated this year. It did have colored lights and a handful of ornaments, but we didn't have time to dig out the boxes of ornaments from the attic crawl space.

My presents were wrapped in snowmen paper this year. Dad and mom always do a nice job of aligning the design of the wrapping paper to match the shape and size of the packages!
One of our first presents were matching green blankets. I've already made use of mine here at my new place in DC.

Mom got a set of novels for Christmas. She had borrowed the first book in the series from the library last year, but they didn't have any of the others! She's excited to find out how the story ends. It's a historical fiction series set in mid-20th century in Europe (or was it Eastern Europe?).
Dad looked happy when he unwrapped some new office decor! Since he plays the banjo and I now play the mandolin, I couldn't resist getting it for him. Matt got him a book with calligraphy and analysis of every verse 3:16 in the Bible. It was written by a comp sci professor.

Gram and Pap got some nice gifts this year, too. Here is Pap looking at his Milton Historical calendar. He gets one every year from us! Gram and Pap's main present from us this year was a photo frame which we had filled with photos. We included the photo where I had given Pap bunny ears ^-^
Here's a photo of all my gifts (except the green blanket, which had been buried in a box at the time). This year I received a book about sailing, a pre-order of General Pettigrew's book, a Bible reference book, electronica and mandolin music, candy, a teapot shaped like a couch with a sleeping kitty, a keychain light/whistle, a Capitals sweatshirt, two nice hats, some cards, and an afghan from my neighbor. A canuck whale is checking out the collection from above.

Now, this was Matt's big present of the year. ...Is that a grin I see?
I think he likes his Winter Classic Flyers jersey, what d'ya think?

Now, I need to flashback to last Christmas for a moment. Matt and I received a variety of presents, big and small.
The highlight, though, was our family's first NHL jersey! Matt helped to pick it out, if I remember correctly. Go Briere!

Happy dance of a hockey fan!
I think he was pleased, even though it wasn't a surprise.

This year, though, Matt had no idea that he was getting a jersey. It sure was hard to keep that a secret...especially when the family went to see their first NHL game in Buffalo (Flyers won 5-2). Try it on for us, Matt!
Later when we returned home, I got my Flyers jersey out and we posed for a photo. (I bought mine at a store the weekend before. It was an overstocked item from 2001, but the team logo and colors are still the same.) Aren't we a cute pair of Flyers fans?

Next, it was my turn to open my "final" box. When I took out the paper, I saw RED!
Woohoo, go Caps!! Now I need to get to a game.

Uhoh, 5 minutes in the box for fighting. :[
Don't worry, we made up at the end of the fight. :]

Finally, I'll end with another present that got a lot of laughs. Even funnier was when I told Matt that it had taken me quite a while to get the pun :P Math is as easy as 3.14159...
At the end of a long, fun-filled day, Matt decided to take it easy on the couch for a while with a book about a mathematician.
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