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I got my rig mostly assembled this evening. I was receiving CW on 40 meters through the little whip antenna, but I haven't quite figured out what I will use for transmitting. I suppose I could try the whip, though I probably ought to get a counterpoise hooked up in that case. Ideally, my best bet is to go outside and operate from the table in my "back yard" (well, the very small fenced in space behind my place), but it's too cold to do that right now. I thought about dropping a wire out the window, but with the wind kicking about these days, I wouldn't want it to start blowing around into the neighbor's "yard." I could fasten it outside, but that would involve going outside - and once I'm indoors, it's hard to motivate myself to go back out again.

At any rate, the rig looks nice! Power supply is sitting on the wood floor, radio is up on the top shelf of the desk, ATU with the whip and 2m ANT is sitting on the lower level of the desk, and the key and keyer are right at hand's reach. Other than that, the only things on the desk space and desk shelf are a stack of radio manuals/operating guide/logbook, a lamp, a pen, and boxed battery chargers. So tidy!
Tags: ham radio, radio equipment

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