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Daily evening

Wide awake at 10 pm as though it were 10 am.

This week's been busy. Work continues to march along. One of my data explorations is nearly done and I hope to present the results to my boss before the end of the week. I also need to rework the format of my "work to do" list. I can't seem to find a good format for it. Today at lunch time, I took a half hour break to attend a brief talk on braille at the Madison 6th floor temporary braille exhibit. I still wish that the tactile maps were accessible, but I suppose we would all flatten them if they were!

Tonight's evening work was on icons for this icontest. It will be the first time that I submit entries to an icontest, I think. I'm excited about participating.

The cold weather has not yet subsided and so I'm making good use of my Capitals sweatshirt here as I type. The internet router seems to be interfering with my phone, so when I get a call, I have an excuse to relocate upstairs where it's warmer. I'm starting to settle in here. I haven't had anymore confusing dreams where I think I am overseas at my host family's house! I still haven't visited the local church, but I hope to do that sometime soon.

I intended to sit back and read braille tonight, but between emails and icons, I never got around to it. I should pause the CD so I can get in my daily CW practice, but the sidetone is not as nice as the beautiful electronica that's coming through the headphones at the moment.

Whew, my head is spinning.

Report configuration, powerpoint summary, ad hoc requests, changes submitted by staff users, emails to respond to, emails to set aside till later, project status updates, icon side length to match with the crop tool, triple check the reference before pasting it in, filter through multiple tabs of Little Pine Creek news stories from the first decade of the 20th century, cell phone needs charging, things need arranging for tomorrow, mail needs sent, morse code guides need to be prototyped, Titanic research site plan needs to be discussed with historians at the message boards... No wonder I have a tendency to talk people's ears off when I get the opportunity. It helps me to sort out things in my head and secretly hopes that it might be freed to take the form of a catalyst.
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