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Mando, Code, Indexing Hurrah

Just played a rousing chorus of The Bonnie Blue Flag followed by The Battle Cry of Freedom. Huzzah!

Now, CW practice. I'm practicing Moby-Dick somewhere between 25-35 wpm, though I'm not quite sure where. I can't follow along in my head and I can't keep up typing at that rate for more than a word or so at a time, but I can copy pieces at this speed. I can recognize short words like "the," "could," "that," "well," "but," "get" etc. The more that I listen and try to copy, the more short words that I start recognizing. I'm hoping to soon get comfortable copying at this speed. Then it'll be time to add in QRM (interference), etc.

My really exciting news of the evening was my reinstatement as a records transcriber with the Crew List Index Project (CLIP). Last fall I got tied up with preparations for my move, illness, etc, and so I had to set the project aside. When I emailed to inquire about the possibility of getting involved again, I received a wonderful response. I can't wait to see what assignments I'll receive!

I also spent some time this evening in prayer and in Genesis. I hope I can make a habit of that more this year - not out of duty but out of want :)
Tags: crew lists, cw, genesis, mandolin, prayer

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