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January Sunday

Today was a rainy day, so I spent it working on an old story, watching the Flyers @ Caps hockey game on TV, and cooking a yam and chicken with broccoli. I also got to chat with my grandmother on the phone and rest up from a big week.

My parents were in town the past two days and we had a really fun time. On Saturday, we took a walk through Eastern Market, went out to eat at a local restaurant which had great sandwiches, and visited the CVC (Capitol Visitor's Center). I had never been there before, so it was really interesting to explore the space. I was happy to finally get to see the model of the Statue of Freedom up close (and to take some photos of her).

I also got a new cell phone. I decided on the Samsung Intensity, since it's thin, lightweight, and the buttons have a nice tactile feel and response. My last phone was a flip-open phone, but I wanted to try something different this time. This phone doesn't fold open and closed, but it does have a self-contained KWERTY keypad which slides out. I don't plan on using that much, but my fingers are small enough to be able to use it without any trouble. I'm still testing out the way that it works - for example, what happens if I get a call while I have the keypad out. One little feature that I find kind of interesting is the "In Case of Emergency" note fields. I get three note fields, so I put my blood type in one and other medical info in the other. I doubt that those fields would ever be accessed in an emergency, but I suppose it can't hurt to put the info there.
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