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Dj Doboy Music

Hooray, I just figured out how to fix the album art in iTunes! Now all of my doboy mixes appear with their respective album art (with the exception of one mix, which I think was never given official cover art). I found out that my previous problem displaying the covers was caused by missing information in the "album" field. Once I added in that data, the covers appeared in the correct places as I had originally programed them.

Over the years, I've collected Trancequility Editions 1-38, Vocal Editions 1-25, Special Summer Editions I-IV, Eurojams 1-3, and a couple other mixes. I have the two Elements mixes on DVD somewhere, but I haven't transferred them to iTunes yet. As it is, the collection would play for 3.8 days from beginning to end. Ah, nice. This is the stuff that I've been listening to since 2003 when a Dune friend in California sent me a disc with Trancequility Volume 23, Summer Breeze. That was my first exposure to trance/techno and ever since then I've been a fan of Dj Doboy's work. Not only is the music incredible, but the album art is natural and beautiful. I'm wishing him the best and continuing to enjoy all of his music.

I recommend checking out the latest Vocal Edition, if you've never listened to Dj Doboy before: For me, it brings back visions of red skies stretched over the Potomac River where our schooner cruised under the broad wings of airplanes.
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