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Omoshiroi desu nee

My day was semi-productive. Did some homework, then worte Christmas Cards. I ticked off Nichole - opps - and ate the third to last cup of ramen I own!! The I im-ed Matt and his friend who were both doing homework as well. They had a delay this morning (lucky guys).

This was slightly amusing:

shibbyhook: hell,booze is cheaper
Setsukachan: my roomate is allergic to smoke
shibbyhook: ah
Setsukachan: I like alcohol
Setsukachan: yummmyum
Setsukachan: ^_^
shibbyhook: u drink!!!
Setsukachan: umm when I get the chance yes
shibbyhook: no frickin way, really
Setsukachan: in croatia
Setsukachan: and stuff
Setsukachan: I drank yes
shibbyhook: ur breakin rules left and right
Setsukachan: umm
Setsukachan: not really
Setsukachan: O:-)
shibbyhook: yeah, u.s. rules, not croatiarules

I don't know why but it made my eveing. Thanks Davey!

I don't drink very often at all - even though I am a firm believer that alcohol is just like the internet, prescription drugs, or all those other things: used too much, they are dangerous to one's health, but used in moderation they can be very good. Like sake: it is a holy drink used in Shinto and crud or whatever. And at some churches Communion has red wine!! Alcohol isn't inherently evil, but it posesess the possibility to be evil in the hands of those who abuse it. Geez, man can corrupt just about anything!! Thanks to Original Sin! O man, how thou art so bad, but how wonderful you can be also. It is the conflict between the God-Creator and the Tempter who tore and tears us away from that God. Some battle - it is almost too simple when trying to memorize these hominid forms and skeletons and crud. Gimme Christian scripture any day and keep yer Lucy bones from yaddayadda Million Years Ago. I do not love science in that regard. Sometimes, I just don't care. Not everything need be questioned and answered. Can't we just be settled with what we DO have: LIFE, LANGUAGE, LOVE? No..mankind always wants more..but that is what makes us interesting, ne?!
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