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Household Saturday and Meditation Sunday

Saturday was spent catching up on household chores. Laundry was done, dishes were washed, radios were relocated, phone was recharged, garbage was taken out, dinner was cooked, etc. At 7:10, I sat down to eat some barbecued pork, a baked potato and green beans and to my pleasant surprise, found that a hockey game was on TV. At 10:30 or thereabouts, I finally found time to work on some transcribing.

I'm now officially back into transcribing records for CLIP, but rather than crew lists, I am currently helping on a transcription from the Mercantile Navy List. If you visit this vessel search page and enter "Bull Frog" you can see the MNL record that I transcribed. These records are printed rather than handwritten and so it's a lot easier to work through than the crew lists. Of course, the handwriting is part of the fun, but the MNL is giving me some good background on British port names that will make crew lists a lot easier to decipher.

Today I went to church where we heard a wonderful message on the Crucifixion - delving into the shame and the glory of it. One point that really struck me regarded the "glory" of the cross. The speaker phrased it another way, saying something to the effect that the cross was the most profound expression of Christ's kingship. In what way could that possibly be, I asked myself? He continued to say that in the crucifixion of Christ, the disparate Jewish prophecies concerning the Messiah were brought together. The "Suffering Servant" of Isaiah 53, the King promised from David's line (2 Samuel 7:16), and the Son of Man described in Daniel (Daniel 7:13-14). Jesus revealed that all of these prophecies concerned the same person! The Jews were expecting the promised King to come and establish a kingdom of peace and justice, but they didn't expect that that same King would need to die in order to make them worthy to enter that kingdom. It was truly an astonishing event!

Tonight they are having a short service to study a complementary passage from the minor prophets - Zechariah, I think. I hope to make it if I can, as I've always been curious to study this book but never have.
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