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A few years ago, I considered changing the name on my livejournal account. The thought came to mind again tonight. Both times, I've wanted to change it to either jehosheba or jehoshabeath. Jehosheba has been taken for a while, which is what kept me from changing the name before. Going with my gut on this, though, I snagged the alternate username for possible future use.

Now I'm going to have to figure out if I really want to change the name. Normally, I'm not a big fan of name changes since it confuses me, gives me more to have to remember, and removes a sort of "history" associated with the name. But setsukachan was a name I came up with back in my days of reading CLAMP manga in high school/freshman year of college and I don't really like the association anymore. We'll see. At least now I can think and pray about it without worrying whether the name's been taken. If I choose not to do it, I'll simply purge the account for someone else to use.

2 Chronicles 22:11

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