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The days are passing quickly now

I am back at home and I have been spending all my time with appointments, church caroling, sleeping, eating, all those wonderful things ^__^ If mom would let me, I'd sleep in till noon everyday :-P I figure I can take these days lazily as a reward for another completed semester at college. I know I got an A in both computer science and drawing and I figure I did ok in the other 3 classes as well. Hooray! It is a relief. But even though college is done I spent my time late last night studying ^.^ But not for college..I was reviewing my Tolkein Elvish - Quenya. I found Dad's old Quenya lesson book under my desk and I am back at work on that. It is a beautiful language and I can't wait to get farther in my lessons so that me and my friend can have some fun discussions about magical things^^

Well, tomorrow I travel out of town with my family and that should be pretty fun. I love the long car rides - I will have to get batteries for my CD player. Unfotunately, all of my treasured techno/trance music is on mp3 format on my computer! *weeps* I must fix my CD burner!!

This is the life, though. I am sitting at my brother's computer in the living room and the rest of the family is watching Who's Line is it Anyway?. The Christmas tree lights are on and it is quite nice ^___^ I love returning home for the holidays! What will I do next year when I am in Japan?? Teehee. I already dreampt that I was going to be a foreign exchange student in Slovenia! I mean, I have been to Croatia and next year I go to Japan, but Slovenia? Ummmm...O.o
Tags: conlangs, dreams, family, music

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