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Blizzard continues

The cold continues! The snow continues!

We may get yet another 18 inches of snow today on top of the 18 that we got over the weekend. It's blowing around and is a winter wonderland out there. The Library has been closed Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday and I wonder if we will get in to work at all by the end of the week... We're quickly approaching the record amount of snowfall set for this area in 1899! Wow.

Time to heat up some tea and lunch. I'm going to save the food in the fridge in case I loose power and heat up frozen food for now. Chicken nuggets, green beans, potato looks like the lunch menu. I do have bottled water, flashlights, my ham radio, and plenty of blankets in case of emergency. I've been listening to the radio to follow the news and to keep the radio charged. While I'm thinking of it, I need to charge my cell phone to full strength. Worst case scenario, the houses here have fireplaces and I'm sure I could find someone who is running their fireplace if that were necessary.

So I guess I'll just sit back, continue treating the cold and wait to see what happens!
Tags: health, weather

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