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Ice and icicles

White canes have many uses. One is breaking down large, hard to reach icicles.

There's a lot of ice and icicles on the back of the house from the melting snow. One huge icicle was dampening the bricks on the outside wall and seeping in to make a spot in the corner of my bedroom damp. I decided to try and clear away some of the ice last evening and this afternoon. I managed to get a lot of large icicles knocked down by reaching out my bedroom window with the broom/white cane. I also cleared away some of the ice from the downspout, which is frozen over, and cleared off the tops of my trash and recycle cans. In the process, I broke the broom and lost the handle of the white cane. That one huge icicle outside the corner of the room was still hanging, last night, though, and I was really worried about it. Today, though, I managed to free a large portion of it from the roof with the white cane. I guess I'll have to go out again tomorrow to work at the ice, but at least it seems to be much better than it was.

After sunset last night while I was panicking about the ice, I sat down on the couch and decided to try and see if a hockey game was on TV. I turned it on, and to my surprise, Coatsey was on. I suddenly brightened up as though I'd seen a long lost friend. A Flyers game? On TV in DC? I was so happy.

Today, I went about town to get some chores done. I got paperwork ready for Tuesday, mailed mail, and purchased groceries. I also traveled all the way to Union Station to get a Shamrock Shake (some folks have gotten them already), but they did not seem to have them. Disappointed, I remembered that I at least had donuts at home.

Whew, now I'm tired and sipping at some tea. I plan to stay indoors tonight and take it easy.
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