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doings of a lazy college gal on break

I spent my evening drawing pictures of Fabia and Star'ton - my two characters in my nautical book-in-progress.

Star'ton is the Ship's Master's Mate on the warship Ecclesiastes. He has short black hair and grey eyes and Fabia has golden brown hair and green eyes.

The story takes place in a completely fictional setting. Star'ton is from the country of Aestalea - a small island nation alike to Iceland which has long periods where the sun never rises above the horizon. This causes the Aestalean people to be shorter, pale, and their eyes are slightly larger than normal. The people cannot raise crops but they are excellent shipbuilders, fishermen, and craftsmen.

In fact, the lack of sunlight makes sailing and traveling abroad difficult, as the sun hurts their eyes. To counteract this, they have developed a type of glass contact lense which is tinted and helps them better see through sunlight.

In reality, a contact lense was 1st developed of glass in the late 1800's but it wasn't until the coming of plastic that it became practical to mass-produce them for use! This is the kind of knowledge I need to collect for this story. I need to research more about:
-sailing terminology and "the ropes"
-plants which grow in low light environments
-minerology of igneous stone
-ocean currents
-economics of the Ninteenth Century
-military tactics
-imports exports of island nations
-political systems

I need to learn all of this kind of stuff and I wish I had someone to teach me! As it goes now, it is hard to know where to begin...O.o So, as a result, my writing is very slow - but I have the general framework for the whole story and I have about.. meh...15 or so fairy developed characters and maybe 10 in addition to that which could be developed. So I have a start - one that has lasted 6 or so years^^
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