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Catching up...

I have not been posting messages because my days have all been the same.
Wake up around 10 am. Study and talk to family on AIM througout the day. I keep this in mind: I have to study for my bio/jap/chem final. LOTR comes out Wednesday/tomorrow/today. I can go home later..soo soon. Must keep focused on today and keep busy wandering around piles of notes, computer, etc. This is what you call taking one step at a time! If I were to allow myself to think too much I would either go insane out of impatience or worry over this last lingering chem final tomrrow...
Hopefully I will be seeing The Lord of the Rings today!! So I have been working on chem a lot the past two days since I finished bio and jap. One left!!
I cannot wait to get home and get presents. I am so curious to know what Nichole got me - some naughty anime!! ^^ I am so excited. I have so much to do before then - like pack and crud like that...and boy oh boy do I have a lot of need-to-be-washed-clothes - I love my mom!!! ^_^
Be back to post more later!!! The girls down the hall are ready to go eat! *sigh* If I can just hold everything together..
Tags: anxiety, daily, family, food, holiday, movies, schoolwork

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