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Walter Thomas in 1891

I spent this evening in Walter Thomas' 1891 crew lists.

I counted about 90 different individuals who served on this vessel throughout the year. At any given time, there were about 25 men aboard. The jobs were:

1st Mate
2nd Mate
Boatswain and Lamp Trimmer
AB (able seamen - about 6 men)
1st Engineer
2nd Engineer
3rd Engineer
Donkeyman (operated the engines to haul cargo in and out, I think)
Firemen (stoker - about 6 men)
Mess Room Steward

The captain (John James), 2nd Mate (D T Davies), Bos'n/Lamp Trimmer (Thomas James), Steward (Frederick B Rose), 1st Engineer (F Sinclair), and Donkeyman (Alfred Landles) seem to be the only ones who were present during all the voyages in 1891.

Sinclair was from Glasgow, so I take it that he was a Scotsman. John and Thomas James were both in their 20's from Aberporth, so I have a feeling that they may have been related. Alfred started work that year as a fireman, but was promoted later on when the former donkeyman no longer appears in the list. By the end of the year, it seems like a group of German-speaking ABs settled in on board - three from Germany, one from Austria, and one from the Netherlands. At one point, they actually hired two Egyptians to work as firemen, but they don't appear in any later lists.

Over the course of the year...
...there were about 12 deserters (including the cook)!
...they appear to have stopped at Rotterdam, Antwerp, New York, Odessa, Port Said, Genoa, Baltimore, Cardiff, and Marseilles.
...they carried coal on at least one of the trips. about her whereabouts appeared once in a while in the Western Mail newspaper in Cardiff, Wales.

Ten years later on July 15, 1901 Walter Thomas' name would show up in another list: WRECKS, CASUALTIES, etc in the Times of London. "Gibralter, July 13.-ROMNEY, s, Alexandria for Hull, was in collision yesterday, off Europa Point, with WALTER THOMAS, s, Penarth for Derindja. Former arrived here with stem damaged. Latter foundered; all on board saved."

(As a note, I was not being extremely cautious in my spell-checking of names this evening, since this was more for fun than research. I very well may have recorded something incorrectly here, but hopefully everything is accurate.)
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