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Coding work and lounging about

I spent today pretty lazily..but I did manage to start coding for my new art page at Visions:

Other than that, I didn't do much - but I DID watch Indiana Jones and the last Crusade. ^__^ That movie is a Classic! I luv it^^ Indy's dad is so funny :p I grew up on Star Wars, LOTR, and Indiana Jones!! :3 It almost makes me feel like making a Harrison Ford

Well, I dunno what it is but lately I haven't been sleeping very well...I try very hard not to think about all the decisions (as to career path mainly) I will have to be making in the near future, but when I am sitting in the dark of 2 am wide awake I can't really run away...And that makes me angsty and it is annoying :\ lol Stupid brain that keeeps bugging me. Why can't it focus on better things - like my story or daydreaming about watching Master and Commander again! lol And I must say - even after the chiropracter-doctor fixed my liver and my "frusterations/helplessness/irrationality" I don't feel much improved ~_~ Maybe it takes a little more than a lazer and chiropractic adjustment to fix the old habits of the past. Hmmahh and yarg><

Ah well, as long as I keep myself busy I am all A ok ^___^ If only I had the motivation to do stuff...lols ^.^
Tags: confusion, daydreams, decisions, fear, movies, path, work

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