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Rainy evening conversation

This evening, a warm wind kicked up as grey clouds gathered across the sky. I thought for sure that we'd have a storm. My right ear started hurting about then - could it still be sensitive from the respiratory infection that I had last November? It's almost as if my inner ear was aware of the sudden drop in air pressure...

At any rate, I was dodging raindrops and admiring blossoming trees as I carried a big bowl of salad to a dinner get-together with some gals from church. We had a lovely dinner and nice conversation! I'm so thankful that they invited me and welcomed me so warmly, even though I had never met any of them in person before :) It's great to get to know more of the ladies who attend this church. Coming from small churches, I felt a bit lost and lonely walking into a church with a couple hundred members!

Tomorrow will be an odd day at work. The Library is holding a memorial service for my former boss in the afternoon. The woman who sat next to me for the past year bid us farewell today, so I will no longer have her company on the other side of the cubical corner entrance. I also have a bunch of odds and ends that need to get finished before the weekend. Finally, I will hear news on the status of the search for hockey game tickets for April. I'm hoping to obtain tickets to my first NHL game...

This weekend, I plan to catch up on chores (again) and read, read, read. I have two stacks of books on my living room floor and I want to start moving them back to the library or the bookshelf. I've been reading the memoirs of a schooner captain from England in the late 19th century/early 20th century and it's been quite fun. It's a small volume and I'm nearly finished already. I'm tempted to read more, but sleep is more tempting at the moment.
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