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I'm thinking about ordering a Washington Capitals jersey personalized after Mike Knuble.

If I do, it'll be the first Capitals jersey that I own :) I'm tempted to buy it right now! but I should wait to see what advice and information my coworker will have for me next week. I also want to commit the idea to prayer, since it would cost a lot of money - money earned from my job here in DC which God has provided for me. It's His money, so I want to be sure that this is the right way to spend it. Of course, this might mean that I spend less time reading about schooners and more time watching hockey games on TV - God also provided me with cable... Just thinking about this has made me excited! :)

On April 5th, I'm going to my first NHL game, Lord-willing. Tickets have been secured and a I've been permitted to borrow a jersey for the occasion. Huzzah, what fun!
Tags: hockey

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