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Books on my floor

Ones that I've just finished
Captain Nash De Cost and the Liverpool Packets by Sawtell (This was a great little piece that gave me a picture of the NY-L'pool packet trade. I have a great deal of respect for Captain De Cost.)
Schooner Captain by Shaw (I finished this one today. I had a hard time putting it down. It's a really nice read if you're interested in coastal schooners.)

Ones that I've started reading
Holiness by Ryle (Everytime I read this, I want to share it!)
Instruments in the Redeemer's Hands by Tripp (This book is packed with good info. After I finish it, I plan to go back and take notes.)
Money, Possessions, and Eternity by Alcorn (This book has a great perspective and thoughtful wisdom to share.)
Schoonerman by England (I just started this, after finishing Shaw's book.)
South American Packets by Howat (I got this because I was curious about other packet lines.)
Square-riggers on schedule by Albion (This is a great source of info on packet ships. I may have to purchase a copy.)
Lee's Tar Heels: The Pettigrew-Kirkland-MacRae Brigade by Hess (I started this last fall, but haven't gotten around to finishing it yet...)
Two Years Before the Mast by Dana (ditto)
Evan Thomas Radcliffe: a Cardiff Shipowning Company by Jenkins (My dear ship Walter Thomas belonged to this company!)
Merchant Schooners by Greenhill (This book is actually at my desk at work.)
What is a Healthy Church by Dever (Got this at church - yay!)

Ones that I haven't started reading yet
Women in the Church edited by Kostenberger and Schreiner (This is a topic I was/am curious about.)
Under Both Flags edited by Goff (Lots of neat stories in this one!)
Theology of the Pain of God by Kitamori (By a Japanese author.)
The Spirituality of the Cross by Veith (I want to learn about the cross!)
Luther's Theology of the Cross by Prenter (ditto)
On Spain and the Spaniards by Pettigrew (This one isn't on my floor, but I'm guessing that it's on the floor in PA where it arrived this past week ^^)
Wonderful Names of our Wonderful Lord by Hurlburt and Horton (I took this off the shelf and haven't put it back yet.)

Ones that I might buy sometime
Redburn by Melville (More packet ships, but a much darker mood here, I think. Do I really want to read this? Hmmm...)
The Visual Display of Quantitative Information by Tufte (As an information professional, I need to study some of Tufte's work. As an artist and data processor, I'm really looking forward to seeing his work!)
Questioning Evangelism by Newman (This one was recommended to me.)
Knowing God by Packer (This one was mentioned at Bible study last week.)
How Long, O Lord?: Reflections on Suffering and Evil by Carson (ditto, but a few weeks ago)

I'm trying to read through my library books so I can return them. My head is bothering me a bit at the moment, though, so I thought I'd take a break and fire up the computer for the first time today.
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