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Some quotes

"We must accept what comes."
Schooner Captain by Shaw (1972), page 147. These are the closing words of the book.

"The two commandments [Matt 22:34-40] go together. The first produces the second, and the second proves the first."
What is a Healthy Church by Dever (2007), page 24.

-Could we say the same about justification and sanctification? Justification enables sanctification and sanctification proves justification?

"Perhaps it is extremely difficult for the modern man even to understand the concept of this vicarious redemptive act, to say nothing of making it his own. But without this act of redemption as its basis, every theology of the cross is nothing more than idle fantasy."
Luther's Theology of the Cross by Prenter (1971), page 12.

-In other words, if there was no victory won in Jesus' historical death on the cross, then any theology about his death on the cross carries no real weight and no practical significance for my life. The only way that we can have a meaningful theology about the cross is if Jesus' death on the cross accomplished redemption for those who believe. Thinking about this has me curious to look into the meaning of "salvation" and "redemption" as they're used in Scripture. What exactly do these mean?
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