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Woke up with a swollen throat today. I'm not sure if it's because of the sweetener in the yogurt I ate before going to bed, springtime germs, stress, or the devil trying to bring me down. (It was the day after this post that I became very sick last fall and couldn't hear normally for over a week.) At 3 pm, I considered asking my boss if I could take two hours of sick leave and go home early, but then a bunch of requests came in via phone and email. They kept me busy for most of the remainder of the day. In order to give my body a chance to recuperate, I spent the evening working on icons for the new icontest at affirming_faith. That was quite enjoyable and relaxing. In the midst of searching for images to serve as icon bases, I came across an image of Stephen. It caught my interest, for some reason. (As a side note, the depiction of Moses in this image also caught my attention a few weeks ago.) Before Bible study yesterday I had been poking at the book of Acts and in a mood to read it. Maybe I will read some before turning in for the night.

While I didn't play the mandolin this evening, my fingers are still a bit calloused from recent practice :)

The highlight of my day at work was receiving instruction on "hockey" etiquette from my coworker. There was also talk of our upcoming cubical relocations while temporary work is done on the wall. Otherwise, the day was filled with the usual tasks, meetings, and agendas. I am so thankful that tomorrow is Friday.
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