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Icon Day and New Year's Eve

Now that I can, I have been making and uploading many icons to lj ^___^ It makes me so happy ^.^

And as it is also New Year's Eve, I will be spending the night at my "grandparents" house in Newky (that's New Columbia). We're gonna have the traditional sauerkraut and of course champagne - which my Dad bought. It is always funny for him when he gets alcohol because 1. we NEVER have alcohol in our house (with the exception of New Year's Eve) and 2. he's a pastor and he never gets to hear the end of it if he gets caught by someone he knows at the liqour shop^^ lol

Tommorrow, then, I get to go to Fujiko's house (an older Japanese-American who lives near my Gram) where she, myself, and two of her Japanese-American friends will get to eat Japanese New Year's food and talk about Japan ^^ I am kinda excited - Fujiko and all of her friends rock!!! ^_^

So, I have a pretty busy bit of time ahead! But as for now, I am happy watching Matt (my bro) play Metal Gear Solid 2 ^___^

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