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Sour turned sweet

This evening, I was all ready to sit down and soak in the first playoff game between the Caps and the Habs. I did consider forfeiting my right to watch the game in order to pray, but since I've been recovering from illness, I thought that I should instead take it easy and enjoy the game. I don't give myself many pleasures in the day anyhow, so this would be good for me. Yep, yep. I'd read some on the side, too, maybe.

I switched on the TV and...jaw-drop...what do you mean I need a digital converter device in order to watch my cable channels? Is this the right channe...uhhh...all channels say the same thing. *Stares angrily at the TV screen in disbelief*

First thought:
WHAT? Are you kidding?!

Second thought:
You're not kidding x_x

Third thought:
How am I supposed to get a converter device? Grrr!! I guess I'll just have to go to the games at the Verizon Center.

Fourth thought:
Where's my phone? I have to call mom and whine about this. Waaa, I want to watch the gaaaaame! ;_;

Fifth thought:
Sometimes irritating things happen for a reason. I should not be so quick to assume that this is bad. I should thank God! Eh, but, I'm not happy. Want game. :[ Want Caps!

Sixth thought:
Thank you, Lord...I think...even though it hurts to think this way. No, I don't want to thank God. I've been sick and I just want to kick back and watch a good, old fashioned hockey game tonight! Boo hiss.

Seventh thought:
But He said that those who do not take up their crosses are not worthy of Him. I was wondering how I could practically sacrifice for God. So let me try this again. Thank you, Lord, for putting my cable out of commission so I can seek You tonight instead of watching a game of hockey on TV. Ouch, that hurts :( I am disappointed. But I am determined to have a good evening in God's Word.

And I did! I read some of Carson's Scandalous: The Cross and Resurrection of Jesus and enjoyed sweet reflection on Bible conferences that I attended in 2007. I followed the game score online and in the end, my team lost; so all in all, it was a blessed evening here on the Hill :)
Tags: books, hockey, technology

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