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Exercise on relationships

Today in the seminar before church, we were given two questions to think about with regards to marriage: 1. What am I looking for in a spouse? 2. Do these items describe me?

What am I looking for in a spouse?

1. He embraces the Scriptures with zeal, care, and sincerity.
2. He is not too attached to material things, but can freely enjoy the little pleasures in life.
3. He has goals other than a big house and high-paying job.
4. He sincerely cares for me and sees me as a unique, precious individual.
5. He is gentle and not stern, cold, harsh, angry, argumentative, or bitter.
6. He is content with whatever circumstances the Lord gives him; and if he is not content, he and I would take it to the Lord in prayer and seek to be at peace with the circumstance and with each other.
7. He has a sense for art and beauty in both fine art and simple elements.
8. He loves to spend time with family and feels at home with my family.
9. He lets me be myself (a child at heart!) while at the same time gives me courage to be responsible and wise.
10. He seeks the advice of those who are more spiritually mature than himself.
11. He is not consumed with himself.
12. He manages money thoughtfully and is not consumed by the fear of owning/spending money.
13. He enjoys history, literature, culture, food, and nature and is interested in listening to my rambles about random curious things such as merchant maritime history.
14. He supports me in the spiritual discipline of prayer - an area in which I am weak.
15. He seeks to understand me because he cares for me; and in understanding me, he rejoices in my joy, comforts me in my trouble, and helps me to turn away from sinful areas in my life.
17. He is both honorable and humble.
18. He is not offended if I eat meat.
19. He helps me even when I panic, cry, and am frazzled.
20. He is faithful to me and does not view marriage lightly.
21. He does not have an addiction to smoking, drinking, etc.
22. He is optimistic and looks forward to the Second Coming of Jesus.
23. He is honest.
24. He prefers a quiet evening under the stars to big, flashy parties.
25. He likes to stop for a milkshake every now and then just because.
26. He treasures life - both my life and his own life - as a gift from God.
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