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Happy New Year! Sretna Nova Godina! (I think)

I hope everyone had a pleasant transition to the New Year! I was up at my Granparent's house and they had this magnificent spread of food XD They had nuts and cheeses and grapes a chocolate pie and a lemon meraigne and crackers, chips, soda...then of course at midnight we had the "Pennsylvania Dutch aka German" meal of New Year Good luck: Sauerkraut, pork, mashed potatoes, and hot dogs....I was sooooo stuffed O________o lol! I wasn't so focused on the whole "significance" of the nostalgic ending of 2004 as I was concerned with the food ^.^ Then, at midnight we toasted with our champagne and watched the ball in NYC drop^^ It isn't New Year's without it!

Well, time now for me to go off and have my Japanese style New Years! I better cram my Jpn vocab O.o

*zooms off*

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