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Lines from the play Athaliah, by Racine, trans by Cairncross, published by Penguin Books, 1970. (Links are mine, spacing is original.)

"In this dire peril and in this turmoil
For whom do they prepare the diadem?" lines 1205-1206

"... that rare, unswerving faith
That adds fresh lustre to your diadem." lines 27-28

"Your happy theft can be concealed no more." line 166

"Alas, what perils did I save him from!
In what fresh dangers will he soon be plunged?" lines 185-186

"Your tears, Jehoshabeath, are free from blame,
But God our Father bids us trust in Him." lines 265-266

"He bids the sun warm nature with its rays,
And every day its light shines forth again.
But His pure law, His sacred ways
Are far His richest gifts to men." lines 348-351

"He made the stormy seas divide for them,
And from the dry rock made the water gush.
He gives His laws; he gives Himself to us.
He bids us love Him for such benefits." lines 356-359

"Let him speak out on all that touches him." line 631

"Zion, dear Zion, can you suffer her,
An impious foreigner,
Seated alas! on the throne of your kings?" lines 801-803

"It is the holy minister's abode," line 851

"Concealing from their eyes the baleful truth,
Putting a fair complexion on their lusts," lines 942-943

"I know that you, implacably opposed
To lying, would give up your very life
If to continue living were to cost
A single syllable against the truth." lines 1003-1006

"If You are with them, who can make them quail?
You can recall us, even from the tomb." lines 1121-1122

"Who is the priest slain in the holy place?" line 1143

"A king that in His temple God has reared," line 1354

Father, how can I ever make return
For so much love, so many benefits?

Keep for another time this gratitude." lines 1323-1325

At table, everywhere, sit by my side,
And I will treat you like a child of mine.

Of yours?

        Yes. You are silent?

                         What a father
I would leave, and for...


                         For what a mother!" lines 697-702

O promise! menace! darkest mystery!
What blessings, what misfortunes are foretold!
How can such wrath be reconciled
With so much love?

Zion will be no more. A cruel flame
Will raze its temples to the ground.

God watches over Zion. And it rests
Upon His everlasting word.

I see its brilliance melt before my eyes.

I see its light shining throughout the world.

Zion is swallowed in a deep abyss.

Zion's head towers to the heavens.

What sad abasement!

            Glory without end!

Ah! cries of woe!

            What songs of voctory!

Be no more troubled, for one day our God
Will this great mystery unveil." lines 1212-1226

Quotes from another book

"The text presents the remnant of the Davidic house--royal daughter and her infant nephew--fleeing to the house of Yahweh. [2 Kings 11:1-3] Jehosheba's decision to re-align the house of David and the house of Yahweh is the first step in re-establishing the house of Judah in place of the house of Ahab." -A Woman's Place is in the House by Solvang, page 162.

"As the house of Ahab is being emptied in preparation for the return to sovereignty of the house of David, the house of Baal is being emptied in preparation for Yahweh's return to sovereignty in the land." -A Woman's Place is in the House by Solvang, page 166.

"The house of Yahweh becomes the staging ground for the battle. The testimony of the law is presented to the 'son of the king'. The symbols of Judah's national identity--the law and the Davidic heir--are visible to the people. They re-invest this kingship and hail 'long live the king!' They celebrate the victory before engaging in any battle. [Note reads] Similarly, at Jericho Yahweh declares victory to Joshua (Josh. 6.2) and Joshua declares victory to the people (6.16) before the walls of the city have even been breached." -A Woman's Place is in the House by Solvang, page 164.

Similar to both of these, Christians claim victory in the cross, and it's only after justification by faith that the battle for sanctification can begin.
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