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String a song

Warm hands tuck the mandolin into its bed, latch the hooks of the case closed. Summer's breath upon the city came as a surprise to everyone after weekends of winter coats and snow to the north. It's now 73 degrees, but the heat of the day is slow to lift under the cool dark sky.

The tea in my mug is lukewarm. Music throbs quietly from the tin-toned speakers of my computer. Hockey games were lost, papers were read, prayers were said, and now the carpet rubs rough under my heels. The night calls me to turn off the laptop, unplug the wireless, and turn in to sleep. Yet, my mind lingers, my heart stubbornly refuses to set the body into motion. I'm seated, content.

The longer I wait, the harder it's going to be when my clock blares the numbers 7:10 at me. But, just like in the morning, I've settled into the setting over the course of the evening, and I just got cozy!
Tags: art, aspergers, creation, mandolin, music, random, sensory, steady, sun and moon, tea, transitions

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