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Prayer spring

Since my last post on prayer, I've devoted more time to thinking about prayer and to praying. Of course, it still wasn't a whole lot of time, but it was progress over my nearly complete lack of quiet prayer-time.

1. I've started reading news about Christians in other countries who are facing persecution and difficulties and have begun to pray for them.
2. I read more about the Tabernacle and considered the beauty of prayer in God's eyes, especially as I looked up at the blue skies - I pictured that rich blue color of the sky as one of the colors in the fabric of the Tabernacle ceiling.
3. I prayed for some specific needs that weighed heavily on my heart.
4. I've asked God to incline my heart to prayer - only He can change the heart.
5. I've used time on the metro ride home from Tuesday night Bible studies as a time to pray, rather than read.
6. I've begun praying out loud again since beginning the Genesis Bible studies on Tuesday nights.
7. I've begun attending Sunday evening services at CHBC where the congregation prays together for local and international needs among the Church.

I can't say that I feel a grand change or that I am suddenly filled with a fire of passion for prayer, but I have begun feeling more eager to pray. Also:

1. I've begun to see ways that I can pray less selfishly.
2. I've begun to see how much God wants us to pray.
3. I've begun to sense that God wants me to sacrifice more of my time to prayer - not because it makes me a better person, but because my prayer is actually heard by God.

So, in conclusion, I am growing. It's not happening quickly or all at once, but I am growing a little bit at a time.
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