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Monday: reading

This evening I read some more from the Holiness book. The latest chapters talked about Moses, Lot, and Lot's wife. The writer emphasized the importance of living by faith as well as the care required to avoid becoming entangled and choked by worldly things (Luke 8:14).

At church on Sunday, I picked up a couple more books. One is a book of brief devotional messages by Spurgeon that are based on passages found throughout the Bible. I've started reading that in the evenings. I also got a book of Puritan prayers called The Valley of Vision. The lady taking inventory of the books recommended that to me when I asked for a good devotional book to help me in prayer.

The day at work was long and tedious today, but I thank God for the grace that He gives me so I can remain patient despite the continued stress of the work. Since February, I've been eagerly awaiting the arrival of a new boss. I feel like I am waiting for the next captain who will lead me from defeat to victory! I pray that this experience will fill my heart with a sincere and eager expectation for my Savior!

Best wishes, everybody.
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