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Sheep lessons on management

Scribbled the other day:

In the management of sheep, there are two business models: the shepherd model and the sheepfold model.

In the shepherd methodology, the sheep are managed by a person. This person is known as the shepherd. The shepherd shows the sheep where to go, so the sheep do not have to worry about going the wrong way. The shepherd also protects the sheep from harm, so the sheep do not have to worry about their safety. If a sheep makes a mistake and gets lost, it cries out to the shepherd *baaa* and the good shepherd will come and help it get out of trouble.

When the shepherd is not present, the sheepfold model comes into play. Here, the sheep are protected by a fence or a wall that surrounds them. This wall clearly prevents the sheep from coming to harm by marking out boundaries which they cannot accidentally cross.

When a sheep has neither shepherd (personal guidance) nor sheepfold (impersonal guidelines, policies, communications), the sheep is naturally very anxious about making a mistake and coming to harm.
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