Megan (jehoshabeath) wrote,


As I was meditating on the days of King Joash, a feeling welled up from the depths of my soul. A feeling of longing, with a hint of envy mixed with sorrow. A sense of definition. A pulse of clarity.

I desire the gift of prophecy. I want to speak the words of God. I want to declare His words to the people. I want to be a voice in the service of the living and Most High God.

Why such an interest in prophecy over other godly services, like those listed in Romans 12:3-8? I think one reason is that prophecy is clear, simple. It doesn't involve the complicated process of interpretation, organization, explanation, and guidance as teaching does. It is raw, as the quartz and agate stones that are dug out of the earth. It has a pure, curious, solid nature to it.

Oh, that God would make me a woman of His word!
Tags: spiritual gifts

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