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Psalm 22 memorized

Praise the Lord! Psalm 22 is memorized :) God was merciful and gave me all the resources that I needed to complete the task - a Bible in my own language, mental capacities, time, and will. May God use His word in me to bear much fruit to His glory (Isaiah 55:10-11).

The NKJV translation of Psalm 22 has 627 words in 31 verses. The next Psalm I plan to memorize, Lord-willing, is Psalm 27, which has 396 words in 14 verses. After Psalm 27, I would like to tackle a bigger project - perhaps a small book. The book of Jude is about the same size as Psalm 22 and 2 John, 3 John, and Philemon are even shorter. 2 Thessalonians, Haggai, and Jonah are all about twice as long as Psalm 22. Does anybody have a recommendation on what I should set as a next goal?
Tags: bible memorization
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