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Not that I had a lot to say, but at least this way I do not have to study chemistry x.x
Oo The Mummy commercial. That has to be by far my favorite movie! But I am completely psyched about the LOTR Two Towers if we can get tickets *prays* I still have to pack for home. It is 24 quiet hours all week in the dorm and what have we been doing? um..staying up late joking around, haolding X-Mas parties (ok, Secret Santa, but close enough), and watching LOTR Specials at 11 something at night!! Whee!
I should study - but I feel overfull...I feel like at any moment I could collapse and crud - so full that I am empty.
I had a dream last night that I was either in RE or someone was trying to make RE in real life..stupid decomposing zombies - get the crud off o' me!!! RE = Resident Evil the game(s).
My favorite character in LOTR has to be Frodo Baggins. He is not as cool in the movies - he is way to much of a wimp and weak and helpless. Come on, in the book he is getting stabbed and walking for miles till he can't see straight and then he either rides the starving poney or crawls. He sits on Asfaloth (Elvish horse) when the riders are ready to overtake him and he sits up and pulls out his sword and tells 'em to go away and says some Holy Elvish Words!! Why can't he be as kick-butt in the film?! He like drops his sword and cowers...*growls at producers* Frodo is like a little Elf in the novels - smart, enduring, heart in pain, and at least he has the guts to try to save his life when enemies come after him!! Yes, the fact that he is loosing himself to the Ring is what makes his character deep and interesting, but he isn't dead. The undead can still do a lot of coolness!! He isn't standing around doing nothing like Subaru does sometimes (NO!! I love Subaru but sometimes I wish he'd do a little more...Please forgive me Sumeragi-san!!) Frodo is also cute, and when he is all Elvish and reciting poetry and stuff he is like beautiful, and when he is passing into the undead realm he is freaky-ness, but it is sorta cool, and when is is like INSANE on the edge of MT Doom he is just WOW! ^_^ I like Frodo and I hope I get to see the little guy tonight at 7:30!! Wish me luck!
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