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Prayer habit

During the past few weeks, I've gotten up in enough time to pray for about 20 minutes before heading out the door for work. While the actual activity is quite simple, I'm beginning to feel a sense of framework and reinforcement from it. Before, I used to feel guilty if my prayer time wasn't really long. Now, I focus on sincerity, clarity, and straightforwardness when I kneel to pray. In the Lord's Prayer, Jesus was rather brief and clear, so I've taken that as my model. Because I don't pressure myself to pray for a long, long time in one sitting, I feel less guilty and weary from prayer. Also, when others are in need of prayer, I don't feel as hesitant to offer to pray for them because I am less apt to forget my promise to them with a habitual prayer time in place. I'm also slowly gaining a deeper appreciation for my brothers and sisters through praying for them. It's so encouraging to know that I am one daughter in a large family of brothers and sisters around the world who all look to the same Father. That's why the African door guard at one of my former apartments could greet me saying, "Hello, sweet sister!" How I miss seeing that gentleman :) We had only a few long conversations, but they were always so encouraging.

I want to grow in appreciation of the fellowship that I share with my brethren. I want to embrace the sweetness of Christian's fellowship with Faithful on the road from their homeland, the City of Destruction, toward their new home, Mount Zion.
Tags: brotherly love, prayer

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