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Tabernacle quotes

Quotes from Tabernacle in the Wilderness by John Ritchie, c 1982.

"Turn to Exodus 1. Here we have a picture of Israel in bondage. They had no Tabernacle, no glory-cloud there. Like the unconverted sinner, they were slaves; they lived without God. Yet He loved them, and, faithful to His promise, He redeemed them. Exodus 12 shows their redemption. It was their birthday as a redeemed people.
"Next comes their separation to God. The Red Sea opened to let them out of Egypt's power, and closed behind them to keep them out of it for ever. They were brought out to be alone with God in the desert. Here is was, far away from Egypt's altars and its gods, that God came down to dwell among them." page 11

"When Moses was in the mount with God, he was shown a pattern of the Tabernacle, and he also received instructions how each part of it was to be made...The house was God's, and He ordered it. Moses, as a faithful servant, obeyed. It would be well for us to-day if all the servants of Christ would remember that the Lord has not been less careful about the building of His Church. He has given the Divine pattern and the most minute instructions as to how His House on earth is to be ordered (see 1 Cor.; 1 Tim.)." page 12-13

"The Tabernacle was God's first dwelling-place on earth. He walked in the company of Adam in Eden. He visited Abraham at Mamre, but had no dwelling-place there. Here He comes down to dwell with His redeemed, and from then till now, He has had a dwelling-place on earth." page 13

"The voice from Heaven to us [believers] is, that we are 'ACCEPTED in the Beloved' (Eph. 1:6), and that 'the Lord TAKETH PLEASURE in His people' (Ps 149:4). Think of this, ye doubting, downcast saints: 'Accepted' - not in your love or your faithfulness - but in 'THE BELOVED' : In Him who is the Father's delight. Accepted - according to the measure of the Father's delight - in His own beloved Son. This is the inalienable standing of the saints of God. The weakest babe in Christ is adorned in His beauty, is a possessor of His life, and is loved as He is loved. We may all take up the language of the hymn-

"'The love wherewith He loves the Son
Such is His love to me.'

"Do you really believe it, beloved? Have you in your heart said 'amen' to it, and do you enjoy its bliss from day to day? There is no 'higher life' than this. This is the highest and best, and it is the normal position of all the saints: the birthright and portion of all the family of God. We must believe it to enjoy it. Put down your foot firmly, then, on the word - 'Accepted in the Beloved.' Make it your own." pages 44-45

"The blood of Jesus [represented by the altar] is the title, the daily cleansing [represented by the basin of water] by the Word is the condition, and the Spirit of God the power for fulfilling the functions of our priestly calling [activities inside the Tabernacle Holy Place] (see Heb. 10:19-22; Eph 2:18)." page 79

"The cherubim looked down upon the blood-stained Mercy-Seat...No doubt the host above do greatly admire the great redemption work of Christ...At Eden's gate they stand connected with the sword of justice to bar the way. But here, at the Mercy-Seat, they welcome the sinner's approach. There is no sword now. It has been sheathed in the Victim, and they gaze upon the blood. Blessed exchange! We fear them now no more, but rather cry, 'I will abide in Thy tabernacle for ever: I will trust in the covert of Thy wings' (Psa. 61:4). 'Because Thou hast been my refuge, therefore in the shadow of Thy wings will I rejoice' (Psa. 63:7)." page 111

"The Merarites, with their foundations and framework, represent the evangelist and his work; the Gershonites, with their curtains, coverings, and chords, strengthening, shielding and beautifying, the pastor and his work; the Kohathites, bearing with steady step the various vessels of the sanctuary, and placing them in due order, the teacher and his ministry." page 117-118
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