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Feeling unsettled....

I don't know why but I feel like I am searching for something...


and not finding....

Hmm. It is odd. It's as if I want to find someone but Idon't even know who I am looking for.

I am really feeling like I have fallen in a chasm and I am spinning in circles down below as an animal would if they had become lost and hopeless at the bottom of that chasm. But what chasm did I fall into?

I am rather lost.... O.o Which is ironic since I have been happier this past year than ever in my whole life.

....There is nothing better than walking home from my Greek Lit class after eating my grilled cheese with thoughts of Sophocles on my mind and loving the nature around me...appriciating the season...

..leaves fallen into streams in the autumn while a soft and warm rain falls on the sidewalks..

...snow resting gently on the pines and ice causing me to slide my way to class but the skies above grey as large shadowy clouds roll by....

Life is a beautiful thing. I wish I had someone to share that with soemtimes..

...and at the same time...I enjoy watching the beauty from a lone standpoint. But it makes me lonely. Thus..I am in a dilemma!! ^_^ ..Save me!..
Tags: aromantic, art, creation, demigirl, me, questions, social

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